Prof. Hong He’s group has made an important progress in Cu-based small-pore zeolites utilized for NOx catalytic purification. The corresponding results have been published in the journal of the Appl. Catal. B (2020, 266, 118655 and 2020, 264, 118511), Catal. Sci. Tehhnol. (, and Chem. Eng. J. (2020, 388, 124250).
Congratulations to Academician Hong He for winning the National Natural Science Award(second prize)2019!
Prof. Hong He's group got an important achievement in NH3 selective catalytic reduction of NOx (NH3-SCR). The related work “Polymeric vanadyl species determine the low-temperature activity of V-based catalysts for the SCR of NOx with NH3” was published in Science Advances.
At the invitation of academician of National Academy of Engineering and Professor David y. h. Pui of University of Minnesota, academician Hong He, researcher of Center for Eco-Environmental Science of CAS, and chief scientist of Center for Excellence in Regional Atmospheric Environment of CAS, visited University of Minnesota, and made outstanding scholar report (L.M. fingerson / TSI incorporated distinguished structure) in September 2019.
Congratulations to Professor Hong He for his election as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2017!
Congratulations to Professor Hong He on the He Liang He li Foundation Science and Technology Innovation Award 2017!
Congratulations to Professor Hong He for winning the National Science and Technology Progress Award (Second Prize) 2014!
Congratulations to Professor Hong He for winning the National Technology Invention Award (Second Prize) 2011!
The 6th International Conference on Environmental Catalysis (6th ICEC) was held at Beijing from September 12 to September 15, 2010. The 6th ICEC received a total 475 submitted abstracts and welcomed 398 active participants came from 26 countries and regions. 133 oral presentations (including 16 keynote lectures) were arranged in 8 sessions. 10 participants from China, Germany, the Netherland, Italy and Turkey won the best posters award.

Catalytic oxidation of indoor air pollutants at room temperature

Catalytic sterilization and disinfection

A series of Ag-loaded catalysts with different crystal phases and shapes were prepared, and their bactericidal activities were investigated at room temperature. The bactericidal effect should be considered as a synergic action of reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced through activating O2 by catalysts and the toxicity of Ag+ eluted from the catalysts, which could induce the production of intracellular ROS, disruption of cell walls and cell membranes, and cell death. FT-IR results also indicated the production of CO2, which proved that catalytic oxidation is the essential mechanism in the bactericidal process.  (Catal. Commun., 2004, 5(3), 170; Environ. Sci. Technol., 2008, 42, 1699; J. Inorg. Biochem., 2014, 135, 45)

Excellent sterilization ability and mechanism of silver-based catalysts
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